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Whitney Houston – Whatchulookinat Şarkı sözü

Unidentified male intro:
It’s time for you to strike back
They’re lookin’ at you
Whitney Houston
Muhammad 2 G
They’re watching your every move


Unidentified male:
They’re watching you

(‘Cause I’m still gonna be) Gonna be me
(Tell me, Tell me, Tell me)
Me, Me, Me
(Tell me, Tell me, Tell me)
Tell me whatchulookinat
(I feel your eyes on me)
Feel your eyes
(You been telling lies on me)
Telling lies
(Tell me, Tell me, Tell me)
Tell me
(Tell me, Tell me, Tell me)

Oh you know you’re wrong
Don’t wanna respect my song
But it’s okay ’cause either way
My following is real strong
You try so hard to show the whole world what I do
Now I’m turning the cameras back on you
Same spotlight that once gave me fame
Trying to dirty up Whitney’s name

(Never thought)
Never thought, Never thought, Never thought
(Never knew)
Never knew that you would do this to me
Do this to me
(Try to ruin me) Try to ruin me
(Be my enemy) Be my enemy
(Never thought)
Never thought, Never thought, Never thought
(That you) That you
Would act as if you’re cool with me
Why you lookin’ at me

[Nakarat] (2x)

Messing with my reputation
Ain’t even got no education
Trying to mess with my concentration
Don’t even have a clue of what I’m facing
All you know you need to stop it
Defaming my name for a profit
God is the reason my soul is free
And I don’t need you looking at me

[Nakarat] (2x)

Unidentified male:
Look atcha self

Whitney Houston – Whatchulookinat lyrics
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Whitney Houston
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Whitney Houston

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