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Breathe In Deeper

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Boy I’ve got a bad itch to scratch tonight
I’m looking at you thinking that you might be right
I’m seeing sings – you’ve got the ringt effect on me
Later on I’ll give the final ‘lust exam’
So you can let me know why you should be the man
Whom I should let kiss this and that of me

Let’s find a blace where
The lights are dimmer
The heat’s on simmer
Where I’ll decide if we’ll be…

One on One together
Yes or no – an answer

If your touch can make me
Breathe in deeper
Step by step – move closer
I will grade you higher
If you make me wanna
Breathe in deeper

Every move you make tells me this is it
I may have found the one I wanna get deeper with
The one who’ll make my body feel in harmony
But I don’t know if I’ve been seeing straight or bling
So I’ve gotta make sure you stay in line
Until I know exactly what this means

Sertab Erener – Breathe In Deeper lyrics

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Sertab Erener
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