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All About Me
Xscape - All About Me Şarkı sözü That you're always with me, and it's all about me, Does she know it won't be long before she's out the door, I'm in, number one and it's all about me. [Verse Two (LaTocha):] Even if I wanted I can't leave you right now, 'Cause all is fair in love and war and
All I Need
Xscape - All I Need Şarkı sözü If you left me now I don't know what I would do. I've never known anyone who could love me like you do, You mean the world to me and I feel I mean as much to you. [Repeat Chorus] I've never known anyone who could love me like you do, You mean the world to me
All This Love
Xscape - All This Love Şarkı sözü I had some problems, And no-one could seem to solve them. But you you you found the answer, So I gave it half a chance, And learnt the ways of love, my baby, And all that it has to offer. And all that I have I give my love to you, All my loving. [Repeat Chor
Am I Dreamin'
Xscape - Am I Dreamin' Şarkı sözü Am I dreaming, baby, Are you for real? My love, I pray, That it's not a hoax, and it's for real, oh. [Repeat Chorus] [Bridge:] [Ol' Skool] Baby I know, Sometime, say that sometime, I need you to show me girl. Show me that you're not a mirage, [LaTocha] Oh
Best Of My Love
Xscape - Best Of My Love Şarkı sözü You know I'll give you the best O yes I will my baby This ring I'll wear forever, it means that we are one, And no I won't stop, can't stop loving you baby, Until our time is done. [Repeat Chorus] [Bridge (LaTocha):] Just to be with you is all I ever wa
Can't Hang
Xscape - Can't Hang Şarkı sözü You claim you can do this, this and that, Ain't no shame in my game, If it's wack I gotta tell you that. So you betta be up on your down stroke, You gotta know how to keep this boat afloat, Cause in my mind I think your gonna slip baby. [Repeat Break and Chorus
Christmas Without You
Xscape - Christmas Without You Şarkı sözü I know that there won't be a christmas without you, I miss you, come home. [Verse Two (Kandi):] I remember all the love we made, I miss your stocking on the fireplace. Underneath the mistletoe we stayed, Twas a very special holiday. [Repeat Bridge (
Do Like Lovers Do
Xscape - Do Like Lovers Do Şarkı sözü Let the night wind down baby Fall into my groove And meet me at my house To do like true lovers do [Verse Two (LaTocha):] When you come through my doors, Take off your clothes. I ain't got all mine baby, So you won't need yours. The places I'ma take you,
Do You Know
Xscape - Do You Know Şarkı sözü I never thought it could happen to me, I couldn't see it, Until I met you, you set me free baby. [Repeat Chorus] [Verse Two (LaTocha):] If this was a crush I would've been long over you, but I know it's more, 'Cause you got me doing things I said I'd never do
Do You Want To
Xscape - Do You Want To Şarkı sözü That you won't be around. [LaTocha] Now there's something you can show me, Something you can say. Promise me you'll stay with me, Until my dying day. [Repeat Chorus] [Break:] [Tiny] Now my deep emotions Have completely come over me. I'm into you, I'm lovin
Do Your Thang
Xscape - Do Your Thang Şarkı sözü If the music makes you move, And you can fell the groove, Then groove on, groove on. If you feel like you wanna make love, Under the stars above, Then love on, love on. If there's something you wanna say, 'Cos talking is the only way, Then rap on, rap on. 'Co
Feels So Good
Xscape - Feels So Good Şarkı sözü Yo, it's Xscape, For the nine-five, And you know how they do, So lay back, kick it, and let's get live. Verse One (Kandi): Ladies, who often do you have, A man that makes you wanna cry, A man that makes you wanna laugh. Sisters, well I think I've found the o
Get Down
Xscape - Get Down Şarkı sözü Move on down to the dance floor, The way you move you make me want you more, All I want is for you and I to get down. Just let the music take control of you, Why don't we do what we came here to do, All night long, all I want, Is for us to get down, get down. [Re
Hard To Say Goodbye
Xscape - Hard To Say Goodbye Şarkı sözü You know that I love you, And for you there ain't nothing in this world, That I won't do. If you would only come back to me, And let me show you how loving me could be. [Bridge:] [Tiny] I, I've got feelings, But you act like you don't care, You treat m
Hold On
Xscape - Hold On Şarkı sözü Soon enough my heart will say to you I do, to love always, I'll give myself to you that day and my baby, oooh yeah yeah yeah. [Bridge (Kandi):] I don't want to be another one, So you can say that you've had your way. I'll show you I'm worth the wait, Just hold on
How Do You Love Someone
Xscape - How Do You Love Someone Şarkı sözü The clock strikes nine, I'm hoping you'll be on time. So hard to cross that line, That holds us to the right time. 'Cause everything feels wrong, And I can't go on, like this. I've got to tell you tonight, I want you to tell me more what this feelin
I Will
Xscape - I Will Şarkı sözü I will always love you... [Chorus:] I will always love you, No matter how many things you do or say, Certain things just don't go away. [Repeat x2] [Verse Two (Kandi):] You were the first to see my body, body, Give me gifts and all kinds of real nice things. I u
In The Rain
Xscape - In The Rain Şarkı sözü I wanna go outside, go outside, go outside, in the rain. And the rain is gone away, I know I'm gonna see a better day. Right now, I think I'm dyin', Because of you, I'm cryin', Don't want you to see me cry, Let me go, let me go, let me go. Hey hey hey hey. I
Is My Living In Vain
Xscape - Is My Living In Vain Şarkı sözü Is my living in vain? Is my giving in vain? Is my singing in vain? Is my praying in vain? No, of course not. [Bridge:] It's not all in vain, Because up the road is eternal gain. Am I wasting my time? Can the clock be rewind? Have I let my light shi
Just Kickin' It
Xscape - Just Kickin' It Şarkı sözü Every man wants a woman, Where him and her can just go hang. Just the two of them along, kick back, Doing their own thing. And every man wants a woman, That can always keep him in the mood. And I'm that kind of girl, So this is what I tell my dude. I tell
Keep It On The Real
Xscape - Keep It On The Real Şarkı sözü No no, Tell me, tell me. Keep it on the real, (the real, the real, the real, the real, the real, the real, the real). [Chorus:] I don't ask for much, no no, Baby if you want me you gotta tell me something, yeah. All I want from you is just to keep it
Let Me Know
Xscape - Let Me Know Şarkı sözü I got something for you, And I think you're sexy, And if you want me let me know. You ain't gotta spend no money, Just a little time with me honey, That will let me know you love me so. And I made it very clear. I would never ever hurt you, I'd never let you
Let's Do It Again
Xscape - Let's Do It Again Şarkı sözü Uh. Star struck hoes beg me to connect with 'em, 'Cause I look correct with 'em, And knows how to sex them. Houses on two acre lakes in the peach state, Eat steak and lobster, Steady trying to prosper. Build up my roster like the old Motown, Too much to h
Love On My Mind
Xscape - Love On My Mind Şarkı sözü Boy, I can't wait to get you alone, Inside my house. 'Cause baby it's you and only you, That I keep on thinking about. I know that you want it, How good my love could be. Tonight you will get the answer, I'll satisfy your curiosity. Bridge: (Tamika): Take
Love's A Funny Thing
Xscape - Love's A Funny Thing Şarkı sözü When I first met you your heart was empty, You were innocent and so full of joy. But now you've changed and I don't know you, You played me baby like a toy. [Tiny] You see, I was surprised to see you with that girl, When you said you'd never ever ever
My Little Secret
Xscape - My Little Secret Şarkı sözü See baby you're my little secret, If you don't tell, I won't tell, And that's how we gotta keep it. [Repeat x2] [Verse One (Kandi):] Did anybody see you coming to my house last night? When I got your message on my beeper, That you wanna do everything I li
One Of Those Love Songs
Xscape - One Of Those Love Songs Şarkı sözü Just hold your lovers tight, 'Cause this is one of those love songs, One of those love songs. [Verse Two (LaTocha):] As days turn into years, we've had our share of tears, But they never seem to last long. 'Cause the sadness disappears, Every time
Xscape - Pumpin Şarkı sözü The bass was booming, There were people all over the dance floor. Then I met another guy, And he asked me would I like to dance, He showed me steps I never seen before. I walked in, Ooh, let me tell you girlfriend, The place was jumping, And it was sho 'nuff pumpin'
Rest Of My Life
Xscape - Rest Of My Life Şarkı sözü Hoo...ooh...oh...oh... Hoo...ooh...oh...oh... Hmm...oh... Suddenly, it happened so fast I couldn't believe the news that I received My heart stopped as I hit the floor I fell to my knees cryin', "Lord, help me" No matter what times brings Or the changes
Softest Place On Earth
Xscape - Softest Place On Earth Şarkı sözü Baby you can be the first, Inside the softest place on earth. [Verse Two (LaTocha):] Overflowing with emotion, I can make you feel so sensual, When I touch you, you will lose all control. Come on baby, kiss me all over, From my mountains to my valle
The Arms Of The One Who Loves You
Xscape - The Arms Of The One Who Loves You Şarkı sözü I know you're going, I can't make you stay. I can only let you know I love you any way. And if the road you take leads to heartbreak, Somewhere down the line. If someone ever hurts you, Or treats your heart unkind... [Chorus:] You just ru
The Runaround
Xscape - The Runaround Şarkı sözü But you been sleepin' and you're creepin', babe, But you been creepin' and you're sleepin', baby. I found her number and I know her name, I gotta front this girl, make her explain, I can't believe she dipped into my thing, Yet she's getting over. [Repeat C
Xscape - Tonight Şarkı sözü Come a little bit closer and look into my eyes, If only for a moment, boy don't be surprised. I want you right here next to me, So tell me we can spend some time. So I can hold you softly, In these gentle arms of mine. And the moonlight's gazing,ooh, Shining on my
Xscape - Understanding Şarkı sözü There's no way that we can work it out, If we don't pull together. I don't mean to be demanding, But I want some understanding, I want to be with you. [Repeat Chorus] [Verse Two (LaTocha):] I listen to you baby, And I know the things you're going through. I
What Can I Do
Xscape - What Can I Do Şarkı sözü I can't believe you left me for another ladyfriend. [Bridge:] [Kandi] You know I've been searching for someone, Who could share that special love with me. [Tamika] I thought you was the one, I gave my trust to you, I'm such a fool, I want you back, Tell me w
What's Up
Xscape - What's Up Şarkı sözü When I take it to the floor, drop it low Shawty you can't handle this, I'm that girl (ohh) You will love it when I know the game you ain't playin' me [Chorus] Homie lookin' at me like he wanna come and hit it But I know whats going on so you ain't gonna get it (
Who Can I Run To
Xscape - Who Can I Run To Şarkı sözü To fill this empty space with laughter? Who can I run to, When I need love? [Verse Two:] [Tiny] And my mind is so confusing, Who would be that special one? Everyday I'm trying to find you, All along, I've got to know, Is there a place for me? [LaTocha] I
Who's That Man
Xscape - Who's That Man Şarkı sözü Know, don't you wanna know, don't you wanna know, Know, who's that man? [Repeat] [Verse One (Kandi):] He's got a different little style than other men today, He does his thing with a swing. And everything you see him do is in a different way, You never ever
With You
Xscape - With You Şarkı sözü The way I feel when I'm with you, It makes me feel so real. Ain't no living without you, 'Cause you're all the man I need, And I want you just for me. [Repeat Chorus] [Verse Two (Kandi):] Why is it when I say I love you, You shy away from me, When lovin's all I
Work Me Slow
Xscape - Work Me Slow Şarkı sözü Now change your position, and keep it right there. Just go with my motions, rub you hands through my hair. I hope you don't mind it, if I let out a scream, Cause it's feeling to good to me, it's more than I dreamed. It's more than pleasure, it's ecstasy, Up an
Your Eyes
Xscape - Your Eyes Şarkı sözü So now that it's on, it's time to face reality, It's time to be strong, take all your insecurities, baby. Don't be afraid, you gotta let your feelings flow, No you can't run away, there is no hiding place, You gotta be true to your heart. [Repeat Chorus] [Bridg