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Whitney Houston

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Someone For Me
Whitney Houston - Someone For Me Şarkı sözü (Someone for me) (Someone for me) I'm here alone on a Friday night Waiting here beside the phone The TV, radio, and me Really ain't been getting along I wish that I could find a way To party to the break of day And there I'd be sure to meet The guy
Take Good Care Of My Heart
Whitney Houston - Take Good Care Of My Heart Şarkı sözü Time can pass so slowly, when you feel so all alone Love can strike like lightning, when you find your heart a home I've seen it in the movies, read about it in a book I never thought I would feel it, but your touch was all it took Ch
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open
Whitney Houston - The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Şarkı sözü (Ooh well ooh Lord) Chestnuts roasting on an open fire (well) Jack Frost nipping on your nose (mmm) Yuletide carols being sung by a choir And folks dressed up like Eskimos Everybody knows a turkey and some mistle
The First NУІel
Whitney Houston - The First NУІel Şarkı sözü The first NУІel, the angel did say, Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay; In fields where they lay tending their sheep, On a cold winter's night that was so deep. NУІel, NУІel, NУІel, NУІel Born is the King of Israel. T
Things You Say
Whitney Houston - Things You Say Şarkı sözü (Oh Baby yeah yeah) Such a pleasure loving you, It's all mine I smile each day away I feel better knowing you Ooh you've got me thinking it's better to give than take I don't have to beg you to You're so good to me Carries me from day to day I app
Thinking About You
Whitney Houston - Thinking About You Şarkı sözü I can't get you off my mind No matter what I do I'm wishing you were here, with me It makes no difference I only think of you And I living out my fantasy Chorus: Late at night, a rendezvous Being such a love sick fool It might be pouring rain
Until You Come Back
Whitney Houston - Until You Come Back Şarkı sözü I lost my heart A long time ago You made me feel Like no one had before Boy you made me love you Then you walked out the door See I will not rest Until you say I'm forever yours And boy I won't stop at nothing I won't give you up and You've g
We Didn't Know
Whitney Houston - We Didn't Know Şarkı sözü Since I don't know when We've been only friends No more but no less Our friendship we had at best A voice to console An ear to confide That someone you tell Your deepest of feelings inside But we didn't know When we held each other it would feel
Whitney Houston - Whatchulookinat Şarkı sözü Unidentified male intro: It's time for you to strike back They're lookin' at you Whitney Houston Muhammad 2 G They're watching your every move Whitney: Bobby Unidentified male: They're watching you ('Cause I'm still gonna be) Gonna be me (Tell
When You Believe
Whitney Houston - When You Believe Şarkı sözü Many nights we prayed With no proof anyone could hear In our hearts a hopeful song We barely understood Now we are not afraid Although we know there's much to fear We were moving mountains Long before we knew we could (Oh yes) There can be mira
Where Do Broken Hearts Go
Whitney Houston - Where Do Broken Hearts Go Şarkı sözü I know it's been some time But there's something on my mind You see, I haven't been the same Since that cold November day... We said we needed space But all we found was an empty place And the only thing I learned Is that I need you desp
Where You Are
Whitney Houston - Where You Are Şarkı sözü I saw the news this morning Saw your face accross the screen And as I poured my coffee I picked up a magazine (Chorus) But as I turned the page, and looked inside, there you were again Oh these lonely times, they never seem to end - You're too far
Who Do You Love
Whitney Houston - Who Do You Love Şarkı sözü Who do you love? (X4) I got a feeling you're the boy for me I bet your love can set me free I feel a love thing coming on It started week then got oh so strong Strong enough to rock the world Straight up I want to be your girl So I keep prayin
Who Would Imagine A King
Whitney Houston - Who Would Imagine A King Şarkı sözü Mommies and daddies always believe That their little angels are special indeed And you could grow up to be anything But who would imagine a king? A shepherd or teacher is what you could be Or maybe a fisherman out on the sea Or maybe a ca
Why Does It Hurt So Bad
Whitney Houston - Why Does It Hurt So Bad Şarkı sözü Why does it hurt so bad? Why do I feel so sad? Thought I was over you But I keep crying When I don't love you So why does it hurt so bad I thought I had let you go So, why does it hurt me so I gotta get you outta my head It hurts so bad M
You Give Good Love
Whitney Houston - You Give Good Love Şarkı sözü I found out what I've been missing Always on the run I've been looking for someone Chorus: Now you're here like you've been before And you know just what I need It took some time for me to see That you give good love to me baby So good, take t
You'll Never Stand Alone
Whitney Houston - You'll Never Stand Alone Şarkı sözü If there's a time when the tears should fill your eyes And you can't see past the shadows To the sun on the other side Don't despair, because there always will be someone there Don't lose faith, love won't let you lose your way Because Y
You're Still My Man
Whitney Houston - You're Still My Man Şarkı sözü On the day that you left me You said you had no regrets There's a bond between us That hasn't been broken yet And the feelings between us Will never disappear How can you be far away When your spirit's here (Chorus) You're still my man Nothi