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All You Need Is Love
One Direction - All You Need Is Love Şarkı Sözü Love, Love, Love. Love, Love, Love. Love, Love, Love. There's nothing you can do that can't be done. Nothing you can sing that can't be sung. Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game. It's easy. Nothing you can make that
Another World
One Direction - Another World Şarkı Sözü It's not me its not you there's a reason I'm just tryna' read the signals I'm receiving Just like a stone on fire can you feel it? I don't know about you girl but I believe it Words will be just words Till you bring them, to life I'll lift yo
Back For You
One Direction - Back For You Şarkı Sözü Whenever I close my eyes, I picture you there I'm looking out at the crowd, you're everywhere I'm watching you from the stage yeah You're smile is on every face now But every time you wake up You're hearing me say Goodbye Baby, you don't have t
Best Song Ever
One Direction - Best Song Ever Şarkı Sözü Maybe it's the way she walked, straight into my heart and stole it Through the doors and past the guards, just like she already own it I said can you give it back to me, she said never in your wildest dreams And we danced all night to the best so
C'mon C'mon
One Direction - C'mon C'mon Şarkı Sözü C'mon, C'mon The one that I came with, well, she had to go But you look amazing, Standing alone So c'mon, c'mon Move a little closer now, C'mon, c'mon, Ain't no way you're walkin' out C'mon, c'mon, Show me what you're all about,
Change My Mind
One Direction - Change My Mind Şarkı Sözü The end of the night We should say goodbye But we carry on While everyone's gone Never felt like this before-ore Are we friends or are we more? As I'm walking towards the door I'm not sure But baby if you say you want me to stay I'll chan
Chasing Cars
One Direction - Chasing Cars Şarkı Sözü We'll do it all Everything On our own We don't need Anything Or anyone If I lay here If I just lay here Would you lie with me and just forget the world? Let's waste time Chasing cars Around our heads If I lay here If I just lay here
Everything About You
One Direction - Everything About You Şarkı Sözü You know I've always got your back, girl So let me be the one you come running to, running to, r-r-running I said it's just matter of fact, girl You just call my name I'll be coming through, coming through, I'll get coming On the other si
Forever Young
One Direction - Forever Young Şarkı Sözü Let's dance in style, Let's dance for a while, Heaven can wait we're only watching the skies, Hoping for the best but expecting the worst, Are you gonna drop the bomb or not? Let us die young or let us live forever, We don't have the power but
Gotta Be You
One Direction - Gotta Be You Şarkı Sözü Liam: Girl I see it in your eyes you're disappointed Cause I'm the foolish one that you anointed with your heart I tore it apart And girl what a mess I made upon your innocence And no woman in the world deserves this But here I am asking you for o
One Direction - Grenade Şarkı Sözü Easy come, easy go That's just how you live, oh Take, take, take it all But you never give Should've known you was trouble From the first kiss Had your eyes wide open Why were they open? Bridge: Gave you all I had And you tossed it in the trash
Heart Attack
One Direction - Heart Attack Şarkı Sözü (Harry) Baby you got me sick I don't know what I did Need to take a break and figure it out, yeah Got your voice in my head Saying let's just be friends Can't believe the words came out of your mouth Yeah (Zayn) I'm trying to be okay Im tryi
I Should Have Kissed You
One Direction - I Should Have Kissed You Şarkı Sözü I keep playing it inside my head All that you said to me I lie awake just to convince myself This wasn't just a dream Cos you were right here and I should have taken the chance But I got so scared and I lost the moment again It's all
I Want
One Direction - I Want Şarkı Sözü Give you this, give you that Blow a kiss, take it back If I look inside your brain I would find lots of things Clothes, shoes, diamond rings Stuff that's driving me insane You could be preoccupied Different date, every night You just got to say the
I Wish
One Direction - I Wish Şarkı Sözü He takes your hand I die a little I watch your eyes And I'm in riddles Why can't you look at me like that? When you walk by I try to say it But then I freeze And never do it My tongue gets tied The words get trapped I hear the beat of my heart ge
I Would
One Direction - I Would Şarkı Sözü Lately I found myself thinking Been dreaming about you a lot And up in my head I'm your boyfriend But that's one thing you've already got He drives to school every morning While I walk alone in the rain He'd kill me without any warning If he took a
One Direction - Irresistible Şarkı Sözü (Harry) Don't try to make me stay Or ask if I'm okay I don't have the answers Don't make me stay the night Or ask if I'm alright I don't have the answer. (Liam) Heartache doesn't last forever I'll say I'm fine Midnight ain't no time for laug
Kids In America
One Direction - Kids In America Şarkı Sözü Looking out a dirty old window. Down below the cars in the city go rushing by. I sit here alone and I wonder why. Friday night and everyone's moving. I can feel the heat but it's soothing. Heading down, I search for the beat in this dirty town
Kiss You
One Direction - Kiss You Şarkı Sözü (Zayn) Oh I just wanna take you anywhere that you like We could go out any day any night Baby I'll take you there take you there Baby I'll take you there, there (Harry) Oh tell me tell me tell me how to turn your love on You can get get anything th
Last First Kiss
One Direction - Last First Kiss Şarkı Sözü Baby I, I wanna know what you think when your alone Is it me yeah? Are you thinking of me yeah? Oh We've been friends now for a while Wanna know that when you smile Is it me yeah? Are you thinking of me yeah? Oh oh Girl what would you do? Wou
Little Things
One Direction - Little Things Şarkı Sözü Zayn Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me But bear this in mind, it was meant to be And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks,and it (Zayn and Liam) all makes sense to me Liam I know you've never loved the cr
Live While We're Young
One Direction - Live While We're Young Şarkı Sözü Liam: Hey girl I'm waiting on ya,I'm waiting on ya C'mon and let me stick you out And have a celebration,a celebration,the music up the windows down Zayn: Yeah,we'll be doing what we doing,let's pretend that we're cool 'cause we know we
Loved You First
One Direction - Loved You First Şarkı Sözü Zayn: Girl, it should be me Driving to your house Knocking on your door And kissing you on the mouth Liam: Holding on your hand Dancing in the dark Cause I was the only one Who loved you from the start Harry: But now when I see you wit
One Direction - Magic Şarkı Sözü (Harry) Bbbbaby c'mon over I don't care if people find out They say that we're no good together And this never gonna work out. (Liam) But baby you got me moving too fast Cause I know you wanna be back And girl when you're lookin' like that I can't h
More Than This
One Direction - More Than This Şarkı Sözü [Liam] I'm broken, do you hear me? I'm blinded, 'cause you are everything I see, I'm dancin' alone, I'm praying, That your heart will just turn around, And as I walk up to your door, My eye turns to face the floor, 'Cause I can't look you in
Na Na Na
One Direction - Na Na Na Şarkı Sözü We've got a bit of love&hate You take me to the edge then you hit the breaks I say it's over one day, But then I'm calling back begging you to stay We make up then we break up all the time I'll say that I hate her song, then you'll go request it
Nobody Compares
One Direction - Nobody Compares Şarkı Sözü You're so pretty When you cry When you cry Wasn't ready To hear you Say goodbye Now you're tearing me apart Tearing me apart You're tearing me apart You're so London Your own style Your own style We're together We're so good So, girl,
Nobody Knows
One Direction - Nobody Knows Şarkı Sözü Nobody knows Nobody knows but me That I sometimes cry If I could pretend that I'm asleep When my tears start to fall I peek out from behind these walls I think nobody knows Nobody knows no Nobody likes Nobody likes to lose their inner voice
One Thing
One Direction - One Thing Şarkı Sözü Liam: I've tried playing it cool But when I'm looking at you I can't ever be brave 'Cause you make my heart race Harry: Shot me out of the sky You're my kryptonite You keep making me weak Yeah, frozen and can't breathe Zayn: Some thing's got
One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks)
One Direction - One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks) Şarkı Sözü Harry: One way or another I'm gonna find ya I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha One way or another I'm gonna win ya I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha Zayn: One way or another I'm gonna see ya I'm gonna meetcha meetcha
Over Again
One Direction - Over Again Şarkı Sözü (LIAM) Said i'd never leave her cause her hands fit like my tshirt,Tongue tied over three words, cursed. Running over thoughts that make my feet hurt, Bodies intertwined with her lips (NIALL) Now she's feeling so low since she went solo Hole in th
Rock Me
One Direction - Rock Me Şarkı Sözü (Harry) Do you remember summer '09? Wanna go back there every night, Just can't lie, was the best time of my life, Lying on the beach as the sun blew out, Playing this guitar by the fire too loud, Oh my, my, they could never shut us down (Louis) I
Same Mistakes
One Direction - Same Mistakes Şarkı Sözü (Harry) Circles, we going in circles Dizzy's all it makes us We know where it takes us we've been before Closer, maybe looking closer There's more to discover Find that what went wrong without blaming each other (Zayn) Think that we got more
Save You Tonight
One Direction - Save You Tonight Şarkı Sözü I, I wanna save you Wanna save your heart tonight He'll only break ya Leave you torn apart, oh It's a quarter to three can't sleep at all You're so overrated If you told me to jump, I'd take the fall And he wouldn't take it All that you
She's Not Afraid
One Direction - She's Not Afraid Şarkı Sözü (Yeah! ) (Ah-huh) (1, 2, 3, 4! ) She sneaks out in the middle of the night, yeah Tight dress with the top cut low She's addicted to the feeling of letting go Oh, oh Let it go She walks in and the room just lights up But she don't want a
Stand Up
One Direction - Stand Up Şarkı Sözü From the moment I met you, everything changed I knew I had to get you, whatever the pain I had to take you and make you mine I would walk through the desert I would walk down the aisle I would swim all the oceans just to see you smile Whatever it ta
Still The One
One Direction - Still The One Şarkı Sözü Hello, hello I know it's been awhile, but, baby I got something That I really wanna let you know Yeah Something that I wanna let you know You say You say to everybody That you hate me Couldn't blame you Cause I know I left you all alone Ye
Stole My Heart
One Direction - Stole My Heart Şarkı Sözü (I waited for a girl like you) The light shines It's getting hot on my shoulder I don't mind, This time it doesn't matter Cause your friends, They look good, you look better Don't you know all night I've been waiting for a girl like you to
Summer Love
One Direction - Summer Love Şarkı Sözü Zayn: Can't believe your packin your bags Tryin so hard not to cry Had the best time and now it's the worst time But we have to say goodbye Harry: Don't promise that you're gonna write Though promise that you'll call Just promise that you won't
One Direction - Taken Şarkı Sözü [Liam] Now that you can't have me You suddenly want me Now that I'm with somebody else You tell me you love me I slept on your doorstep Begging for one chance Now that I finally moved on You say that you missed me all along [Harry] Who do you think
Tell Me A Lie
One Direction - Tell Me A Lie Şarkı Sözü Can't ever get it right No matter how hard I try And I've tried Well, I put up a good fight But your words cut like knives And I'm tired As you break my heart again this time [Chorus:] Tell me I'm a screwed up mess That I never listen, lis
They Don't Know About Us
One Direction - They Don't Know About Us Şarkı Sözü People say we shouldn't be together We're too young to know about forever But I say they don't know what they talk talk talkin' about Cause this love is only getting stronger So I don't wanna wait any longer I just wanna tell the worl
One Direction - Torn Şarkı Sözü Thought I saw a girl brought to life She was warm, she came around, she was dignified Showed me what it was to cry You couldn't be that girl I adore You don't seem to know or seem to care what your heart is for But I don't know her anymore There's nothi
Truly Madly Deeply
One Direction - Truly Madly Deeply Şarkı Sözü (Liam) Am I asleep, am I awake, or somewhere in between? I can't believe that you are here and lying next to me Or did I dream that we were perfectly entwined Like branches on a tree, or twigs caught on a vine? (Niall) Like all those days
Up All Night
One Direction - Up All Night Şarkı Sözü [LIAM] It feels like we've been livin' in fast forward Another moment passing by (Up up up all night) The party's ending but it's now or never Nobody's going home tonight (Up up up all night) [HARRY] Katy Perry's on replay She's on replay DJ
What Makes You Beautiful
One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful Şarkı Sözü You're insecure Don't know what for You're turning heads when you walk through the door Don't need make up To cover up Being the way that you are is enough Everyone else in the room can see it Everyone else but you [Nakarat] Bab
Your Song
One Direction - Your Song Şarkı Sözü It's a little bit funny this feeling inside I'm not one of those who can easily hide I don't have much money but boy if I did I'd buy a big house where we both could live And you can tell everybody this is your song It may be quite simple but now th