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Jennifer Lopez - Adios Şarkı sözü Hoy he venido a despedirme A hablar de tantas cosas que nunca quisiste oirme Y ya no quiero mas excusas Tu nunca tienes tiempo se te escapo la musa Adios, Adios Me voy, Adios Y no me dejas ni tan solo la esperanza Adios, amor, adios Si hay una lagrima en
Jennifer Lopez - Again Şarkı sözü Like an angel out the sky you came Clearing up all the clouds, the sadness and the rain So pure and healing was the love you bring I knew inside…( it felt so right) For me I've struggled all my life To find that thing that makes it right With you it see
Ain't It Funny
Jennifer Lopez - Ain't It Funny Şarkı sözü Estoy loca enamorada de ti It seemed to be like the perfect thing for you and me It's so ironic you're what I had pictured you to be But there are facts in our lives we can never change Just tell me that you understand and feel the same This per
Ain't It Funny feat. Ja Rule
Jennifer Lopez - Ain't It Funny feat. Ja Rule Şarkı sözü Love is crazy, I'm glad I can smile and say Ain't it funny [Caddillac Tah] C-A double D, Hi Double dose my Fly by, red line Touch the roast side Oh I, never been a sucker for chocha Spit the ism, hit em, get rid of em, and you know T
Jennifer Lopez - Alive Şarkı sözü Time goes slowly now in my life Feel no more of what i´m not sure Surching to feel your soul A strength to stand alone The power of not knowing and letting go I guess I found my way It´s simply when you try Feelin´ lucky just to be here tonight and happ
All I Have
Jennifer Lopez - All I Have Şarkı sözü Love is life and life is livinIt's very special All my love... Oh...oh...oh...oh...oh... (Baby, don't go) (Baby, don't go) Yeah (Baby, don't go, uh) (Baby, don't go) Yeah (Baby, don't go) (Baby, don't go) Yeah, yeah (Why you act like that) It's such
All I Have (feat. LL Cool J)
Jennifer Lopez - All I Have (feat. LL Cool J) Şarkı sözü Love is life, And Life Is Living, It's Very Special J.Lo:oooh Ll Cool J: baby dont go baby dont go J.Lo: yeahhh ll cool j: baby dont go baby dont go J.Lo: yeahhh ll cool j: baby dont go baby dont go J.Lo: yeah yeah (J.Lo)Its such a
Amarte Es Todo
Jennifer Lopez - Amarte Es Todo Şarkı sözü Y llegas sin decirme nada Vienes envuelto en el silencio Vienes detras de una mirada O en el temor de un beso Detras de las pequenas cosas que Me hacen sentir la emocion de creer Entras en mi tan sutilmente Invisible como el aire mismo Me asaltas
Jennifer Lopez - Apresurate Şarkı sözü Apresurate amor mio Que me pesan las memorias Que el recuerdo y el silencio No confundan nuestras cosas Apresurate que el tiempo vuela Que amenaza con la cruel rutina Y se quiere llevar los momentos Mas felices de la vida Por los dos por lo que siem
Baby I Love U
Jennifer Lopez - Baby I Love U! Şarkı sözü Boy I never knew I could feel The way I felt, when I felt They way you were feelin me baby I'm so out of control Everytime you look my way I realize more and more How much I adore those pretty eyes of yours I'm helpless baby What I want to know is
Jennifer Lopez - Baila Şarkı sözü Let's break all the rules Come on baby me and you (Baila, come on baby baila) (Baila, come on baby baila) (Baila, come on baby baila) Let's break all the rules Come on baby me and you You took my love to a Another level and Boy I'm so happy I don't have t
Be Mine
Jennifer Lopez - Be Mine Şarkı sözü Looking at a coffee table book At a small cafe on Broadway Tryin' to find a way Out of all trouble and dismay Travelin' on a road unpaved Everywhere I look There is something there to remind me Of feelings from yesterday Listening to drama and hearsay Only
Jennifer Lopez - Brave Şarkı sözü It's a new day, new day, and it's evident You must have been heaven-sent Sometimes we should be hesitant, but I'm not at all Just feelin more confident Just using my common sense Just trust in it, I'm lovin it I can't refuse an offer so benevolent Can't a
Jennifer Lopez - Carino Şarkı sözü Baby, never have I ever wanted anyone like I want you babe Come and let me show you just how much I feel inside I got so much love Oh baby, when I get near you Ooh, I can't control what I'm feeling Baby I got so much love to give that I would probably want
Charge Me Up
Jennifer Lopez - Charge Me Up Şarkı sözü Running out of juice It's a matter of seconds now I'm shutting down Desperate when I mo-ove My battery is screaming loud I'm shutting down It's an addiction I I I want more more more Give me some boom boom boom Give me some oh oh oh Keeps up my engi
Cherry Pie
Jennifer Lopez - Cherry Pie Şarkı sözü Hey Yeah you You had a dark, sexy vibe about ya And a strange way you turn me on The way you look said a lot about ya As if you really didn't give a-unh! I told myself not to fall for you 'Cause I can see that you don't follow rules I should've just
Come Over
Jennifer Lopez - Come Over Şarkı sözü Baby, I need to see you Ohhh, please come over One you come to my room for a little game To you I'll do very erotic things I wanna make love, babe, very slowly Three times in a row, all night I'll go I love when you come over Please come over And whe
Como Ama Una Mujer
Jennifer Lopez - Como Ama Una Mujer Şarkı sözü Quizas me he apresurado A pisar sin ver los pasos A dejar que las heridas No sanaran bien Quizas por impetuosa He dejado tantas cosas Que eran parte del camino Parte de crecer Quizas porque tan solo he sido una Que ha sido enamorada de la lu
Control Myself
Jennifer Lopez - Control Myself Şarkı sözü [Jennifer Lopez:] You got, you got, you got what it takes to make me leave my man [LL Cool J:] It's hard to control myself It's hard to control myself You got, you got, you got What it takes to make this boy be bad (Be bad) It's hard to control m
Could This Be Love?
Jennifer Lopez - Could This Be Love? Şarkı sözü If you only knew What I've been going through Waiting and wanting you Could this be love How,tell me How will I know Will my heart make believe it's so Or can I trust the way I feel If you could read my mind You'd see how hard I've tried Still
Dame (Touch Me)
Jennifer Lopez - Dame (Touch Me) Şarkı sözü Baby, me atrapas, me enloqueces Con tu cuerpo me tienes Justo en el punto que quieres Donde el alma se pierde Baby, dime lo que piensas Me estoy dando cuenta Eso que estás provocando Yo sé muy bien lo que estás pensando Ahora sabes lo que yo
Dance Again
Jennifer Lopez - Dance Again (Feat. Pitbull) Şarkı sözü Dance, yes (RedOne) Love, next Dance, yes (J.Lo) Love, next Shimmy Shimmy yah, Shimmer yam Shimmer yay I'm a ol' dirty dog all day No way Jose Your girl only go one way, ay mi madre You should check that out Maybe you ain't turn her
Dance With Me
Jennifer Lopez - Dance With Me Şarkı sözü Too much is on your mind Gotta let it go Can't worry all the time Just let it flow You say you need a break There's nothing I can do Sitting here listening to you Baby, what's this you tell me Things ain't been goin' your way Just take it from me I
Dear Ben
Jennifer Lopez - Dear Ben Şarkı sözü You're perfect.. Oh... perfect... I just can't control myself I can't be with no one else It seems like I'm addicted to the way you like to touch me I don't think they understand Why love at your command from The words you speak so deep Our bodies read
Do It Well
Jennifer Lopez - Do It Well Şarkı sözü Do it, do it You know you doin' it well. Here's the thing I was minding my own business doin' what I do I wasn't trying to look for anything All of a sudden I couldn't take my eyes off you I didn't even know if you could tell That you had me in a daz
Everybody's Girl
Jennifer Lopez - Everybody's Girl Şarkı sözü Let's play a game Let's just pretend like you don't know who I am Believe it if you say that you're not a fan Act like I'm interested in some other man, man, man Turn on the lights So that the camera flashing won't be so bright And like the cro
Feelin' So Good
Jennifer Lopez - Feelin' So Good Şarkı sözü Call a few friends of mine 'Cause I'm loving life And tonight's for feeling... I'm feeling so good I knew I would Been taking care of myself Like I should 'Cause not one thing Can bring me down Nothing in this world gonna turn me round... I'm fe
Follow The Leader
Jennifer Lopez - Follow The Leader Şarkı sözü Ole, ole, ole Bori, bori, bori, aha! Ehhh, historico Ole, ole Don y yandel Ole, ole, (quien!?) ole, ole, J.lo! Ole, ole Baby, the way that I'm working my body Can tell that you already like it I make you lose your cabeza, como loca Baby we don't
Jennifer Lopez - Forever Şarkı sözü (Forever, forever, forever, forever, forever) You can stop the clock that wouldn't be time enough You could let the light turn to morning I still would be wanting more of your love It just ain't enough days in a week Weeks in a month Months in a year Ho
Fresh Out The Oven
Jennifer Lopez - Fresh Out The Oven Şarkı sözü Be real, you can say who you are, Everybody say they a doctor at the bar, You gotta look close to find a real superstar, You international, shit I open up the job, I'm right so far, help yourself and take a look in the mirror, Open up your mouth
Fresh Out The Oven
Jennifer Lopez - Fresh Out The Oven (feat. Pitbull) Şarkı sözü Jennifer Lopez sings] Break it off here Break-break it off there Now bounce your knees back Alternate back and forth And if you doing it right Your hips will be doing the same thing Let's Go [Pitbull] x2 Who I know ??? ??? [
Frozen Moments
Jennifer Lopez - Frozen Moments Şarkı sözü Love has done a number on my mind Though I sit and wonder I don't ask why Some decisions I've made haven't altogether been mine Now I don't feel a thing, I feel ok No I'm not bitter, I'm not cold I'm just frozen for a moment My vision is impaired,
Get Right
Jennifer Lopez - Get Right Şarkı sözü You lookin' just a little too hard at me Standin' just a little too close to me You sayin' 'Not quite in love' to me You sippin' just a little too slow for me No doubt you're playin' real cool homey Got me thinkin' what is it you do for me Trippin' (tr
Jennifer Lopez - Girls Şarkı sözü All the girls all go Getting money on your own Lemme see you get low on the floor I got on my dress I plan on going in tonight (uhh) I'ma give you my best I was waiting on you (uhh) Cuz when I drop drop drop it down Everybody gon see How you like like li
Goin' In
Jennifer Lopez - Goin' In Şarkı sözü Tonight feels like we can do anything we like, oh Tonight feels like the best night of my life I'm goin' in, i'm goin' in, i'm goin' in I'm goin' in, i'm goin' in, in in in in (put your, put your hands up) It's 'go' time, press my button yeah blow the
Good Hit
Jennifer Lopez - Good Hit Şarkı sözü Uno dos tres quatro New J-Lo I Got that Good Hit Check It Out I Got that Good Hit La La La La x4 Can I please have your attention? I`m so dope from head to toe Armed and big, I drop it low On the ground, I put it down Round and round yeah here we go
Gotta Be There
Jennifer Lopez - Gotta Be There Şarkı sözü (I wanna be where you are) (Could it be I stayed away too long?) I remember I said we should split Had a lot goin' on And you weren't part of it You tryin' to reason with me I admit But I did And now I'm walkin' around so so sick And now I'm thin
He'll Be Back
Jennifer Lopez - He'll Be Back Şarkı sözü I know better than anybody how it feels to want somebody so bad after you break up Still (Looking for that phone call) Still (Even when they don't call) Still ain't ready to walk away and call it all over Act like you wasn't listening when they to
Hold It Don't Drop It
Jennifer Lopez - Hold It Don't Drop It Şarkı sözü You don't know what you're doin But you do it to me Try to stop it, can't stop it Cuz you got what I need You got me on lovin And now you're tryin' to leave Hold it, don't drop it, don't drop it Stop me, can't stop me, won't stop me Baby w
Hold You Down
Jennifer Lopez - Hold You Down (ft. Fat Joe) Şarkı sözü (Jen) Now you been holding me down mm For such a long time now From back then to now in my story Straight from the hood You've always been there for me And you had my back when they Back when everybody said I wasn't anything It was y
Jennifer Lopez - Hypnotico Şarkı sözü All the girls that know that they're sexy Come on! Gonna get me some, some Hypnoti-notico, hypnoti-notico [Chorus] x2 All the boys, all love it when we do our thing. We're just some silly heartbreakers tonight (tonight) All the boys, all want it, but
I Got U
Jennifer Lopez - I Got U Şarkı sözü Right here Something in the dark shot glasses, you know Something that you can lean to Something that you can ride to Something that you can step to You know Sometimes real love can be Not seen 'cause you're thinkin' What's right in front of you Can't b
I Love
Jennifer Lopez - I Love Şarkı sözü (I) (Love) Boy, I love you so (I) (Love) You and I have been around each other for quite a while But I don't think that you understand the way that I feel for you Baby, it took a while for me (yeah, yeah) To realize that you were so naive Well maybe
I Luh Ya Papi
Jennifer Lopez - I Luh Ya Papi Şarkı sözü I put it down for a brother like you Give it to you right in the car, that's you We can first give you some of this, that's you And you're all loving that J.Lo, true Hold up, I can get you thrown up Pull your trigger, go and get your gun up All th
I Need Love
Jennifer Lopez - I Need Love Şarkı sözü Oh, oh oh... This is where my story begins Standing here with you I'm about to give in And I'm gonna give all I can give Even though in previous relationships I might have been mischievous I wasn't already ready I admit to this But what a good feel
I'm Glad
Jennifer Lopez - I'm Glad Şarkı sözü Baby when I think about The day that we first met (the day that we first met) Wasn't lookin for what I found But I found you And I'm bound to find happiness in being around you I'm glad when I'm makin love to you I'm glad for the way you make me feel I
I'm Gonna Be Alright
Jennifer Lopez - I'm Gonna Be Alright Şarkı sözü It's funny 'cause for a while I walked around with a smile But deep inside I could hear voices telling me this ain't right Don't you know it's not for you I always knew what I had to do But it's hard to get away Because I love you I just tri
I'm Into You
Jennifer Lopez - I'm Into You Şarkı sözü Na na na na na na na na na yeah (x4) I'm not the one easy to get to But all of that changed baby when I met you It's too late (x4) You got it (x4) [Hook] When I look into your eyes it's over You got me hooked with your love controller I'm tripp
I'm Real
Jennifer Lopez - I'm Real Şarkı sözü Called you on the phone, I said I'm coming through Hope you're all alone, 'cause I got plans for you We could stay at home or dance and hang all night As long as I'm with you, it doesn't matter what we do Don't ask where I've been Or what I'm gonna do,
I've Been Thinking
Jennifer Lopez - I've Been Thinking Şarkı sözü All I need is a place to be and a way to feel A space to figure out where I belong A chance to know my thoughts and find a way to show What I feel and if this is real Yeah Don't wanna disappoint you, don't wanna let you down Cause that's the