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Inna - 2nite Şarkı sözü They think is wrong I don't care about the world You're here this night All the night you're by my side (2x) I can't get off cause I feel inside I have been sad every night I can smile tonight,tonight Ive been sad every night I can smile tonight,tonight They think
Ai Se Eu Te Pego
Inna - Ai Se Eu Te Pego (Remix) Şarkı sözü Sábado na balada A galera começou a dançar E passou a menina mais linda Tomei coragem e comecei a falar Nossa, nossa Assim você me mata Ai se eu te pego Ai ai se eu te pego Delícia, delícia Assim você me mata Ai se eu te pego Ai ai se eu te
Inna - Amazing Şarkı sözü Dangerous feelings break out my soul It's just the meaning of being alone I need you here wherever you are I need you now to take me so far I wanna run like the speed of the sound I was somewhere, I'm sure you're around You give me now the meaning of life With you
Be My Lover
Inna - Be My Lover Şarkı sözü La da da dee da da da da La da da dee da da da da La da da dee da La da da da dee da La da da dee da da da da da Be my lover Wanna be me lover I think I'm ready for you You take my higher, get me to cloud 9 Going to the light Yeah you can see what yo
Boom Boom
Inna - Boom Boom Şarkı sözü Put your hands up Let me lead you back with the beat of my heart If you hear my song baby put your hands up Just put your hands up, put your hands up Can you hear just boom boom boom boom boom My heart is going boom boom boom for you Can't you hear this boo
Club Rocker
Inna - Club Rocker Şarkı sözü She's moving like: oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh, oh oh She's moving like: oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh She's moving like: oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh, oh oh She's moving like: oh, oh oh, oh oh, oh You can be my daddy I feel ecstatic Don't worry we can Make love automatic Come feel m
Crazy Sexy Wild
Inna - Crazy Sexy Wild Şarkı sözü Heart beats steady, baby, ready to play Just let the disco light come and take us away I feel the heat like a fire bring it closer to me Just let it out Is like a spark burning steady from the east to the west I feel the bass beating louder bring it out of m
Deja Vu
Inna - Deja Vu (ft. Bob Taylor) Şarkı sözü No no no no no no fire,no fire I,I wanna feel the music higher And touch the sky No,no no no you drive me crazy, You crazy boy I wanna live with you A deja-vu I don't wanna lie I feeling so bloom So take me away, So take me with you. Hey,mistery g
Inna - Endless Şarkı sözü As I'm going going down I have dreamed a better place As the world turns round and round Start is always in my face Sometimes you go away A million miles away Sometimes you don't know where Don't worry I'll be there Can you bring me sunrise, can you bring me the s
Inna - Fall Şarkı sözü I gave you all you desired All that you needed Boy, I provided I let you into my head Into my bed And that's a privilege I had your back at the answers You took the dollars I took the chances Defended, battled and fought Cuz I really thought you loved me I don't know w
Fall In Love
Inna - Fall In Love Şarkı sözü So forget the risk and leave it all behind, Fall in love, fall in lie. So forget the risk and leave it all behind, We can fall in love or we can fall in lie. This is how it goes, not complicated, Want you tonight, like uhh. Going with the flow, I can't seem to
Inna - Feeelo (Se Thelo) Şarkı sözü Se thelo conda mou Kai na se filiso Kai na se filiso Kai na se fili Se thelo psihi mou Den boro agapi Den boro agapi Den boro aga... It`s nothing so sexy, hot like you Nobody`s moving the way that you do You`re driving me crazy when you call my name Some
Inna - Fever Şarkı sözü Look in the mirror You, I'm a hero You give me fever Fever Slowly with passion Boy have attraction Nobody's trying to stop me x2 Refren : But I can fall I can fall Your the reason that I'm crying And i dream I can dream that I'm with you Look in the mirror You,I'm
Inna - Goodbye Şarkı sözü No one cares Nobody's wrong, No one see I'm not so strong Eveytime I hope I'm dreaming... I'm missing you... I'm touching you But you can't feel, I'm scream at you But you can^t hear.. I just need to be around you, I'm lost without you You are so special, So give me
Inna - Hot Şarkı sözü GO! You belong to me... I belong to you... Fire from my heart.. Burning just for you.. When you're far away I`m in love with you Feeling that so high Walking like do you... (x2) Walking like do you... Fly like you do it Like you're high Like you do it Like you fly Li
I Wanted You
Inna - I Wanted You Şarkı sözü Lately I've been thinking about what I can do I've been stressing to fall back in love with you I'm so sorry that I couldn't follow through But I can't go on this way. I've gotta stop it babe You've been wonderful in all that you can be But it hurts when you sa
In Your Eyes
Inna - In Your Eyes Şarkı sözü I want your body Won't live without it So turn up the party I'm feeling naughty Stay close to me, I'll be all that you need Don't deny what you want baby I want your body All I desire, you relight the fire Just come with me, come with me Just gonna let it go t
Inna - Inndia Şarkı sözü Inna India Şarkı Sözleri I Hear You Calling India!! Welcome To India You Don'T Need Nobody But India She'S Enough To Make Your Body Go Wild I Can Live My Life Here Right Now. It'S A Little Bit Scandalous But She Lives Her Life A Little Bit Dangerous Everybody In T
It's Over (Ladies)
Inna - It's Over (Ladies) Şarkı sözü All the girls out hear me now Listen up I call you ladies You don`t have to trust a man That is driving a Mercedes You don`t know boy how hard I try Being just here not with you baby Someday you should tell me why Why you do this to me baby? You don`t l
Inna - July Şarkı sözü I'm tired to be losed, actions speaks louder then words, if you feel me, runaway where you will be, have more limit to be free, you release me take me away I'm tired to be losed, actions speaks louder then words, if you feel me, runaway where you will be, have more li
Left Right
Inna - Left Right Şarkı sözü Can you hear me? Call my name twice Can you feel me? I treat you so nice When you`re up here I feel it`s getting cold Come around me And you will see my world Move with me to the left And then move with, move with Move with me to the right Move with me to the le
Inna - Love Şarkı sözü Am I dreaming? What I feel tonight about you and I. Am I dreaming? I can feel your love when I hold you tight. I just wanna love you And you're the one I need you. And I just wanna give all my love I have. With my lips I'm feeling And then I say I mean it Cause you're
More Than Friends
Inna - More Than Friends Şarkı sözü Wo-ah tonight, tonight we could be more than friends Wo-ah tonight, tonight we should be more than friends We're in the corner of the crowded room I want you lips, your body, boy, how soon? And if you like what we doin' why dont we give in for the night T
Nights & Days
Inna - Nights & Days Şarkı sözü How could I breathe What can I do to you To know I feel the same I keep your name In my heart. Why does my heart feel so Why do I let you go I can't feel no more Dream no more I miss you. Nights & Days (I can give you) I just say I'm sorry I just need you ,
No Limit
Inna - No Limit Şarkı sözü sometimes in life you gotta do what you gotta do when you gotta stand by 'cause all around the world don't forget, sky is the limit i got moves, i got love i got everything you want i can dream, i can fly girl you need for a ride my love round, my love buzz don't
Inna - Oare Şarkı sözü Ma intorc in timp de atatea ori Cand eram noi doi Chiar daca stiu ca ai uitat de noi Ai uitat de noi Ce trist e totul fara tine Cand nu esti aici In gandul meu amintiri ma fac sa zbier,ma fac sa sper Mai am o singura intrebare Oare (oare) Oare tu sti cum doare ? Doare
Inna - Ok Şarkı sözü You say I wanna be ok, hey! Don't wanna be away, babe Away from my heart I want you back You say I wanna be ok, hey! Don't wanna be away, babe Away from my heart I want you back I used to scream around When I was angry I'm asking baby why The hell you left m
Shining Star
Inna - Shining Star Şarkı sözü The first time that I saw you I had to get to know you I could see a sparkle When you looked in my eyes And then I saw you smiling And like a star you're shining Never had this feeling You warmed it up inside It doesn't matter where you are Your shining light
Inna - Sorry Şarkı sözü Sorry I didnt mean to make you cry Lonely, I feel so lonely But I need to say goodbye So many times I tried, I tried to tell you why Why I didnt love you when I choose to lie Somebody else is there Is watching you, watching you Running from your love, your love If I
Sun Is Up
Inna - Sun Is Up Şarkı sözü All the people tonight, put your hands in the sky Come on boy, come and get in the rhythm, music will take you high What I'm feeling about you, I love you, don't know why Everybody come on and get in the rhythm, music will take you high Sun is up, move your body
Ten Minutes
Inna - Ten Minutes Şarkı sözü Rock your body , com everybody Somebody stop me , when I dance I'm losing control You see me yo , this is stereo I wanna hear my song one time on the radio (2x) I'm gonna do this step by step do it anyway got to feel your loving I'm gonna break even the law of
Tu Si Eu
Inna - Tu Si Eu Şarkı sözü Chiar dacă ştiu că mesajele nu le citeşi, În visul tău mereu tu mă regăseşti, Ai tăi îţi spun tot mereu „nu te gândi doar la eaDar tu ai vrea.. Aş vrea să zbor pân' la stele fără să mă opresc, În drumul meu prin viaţă să te găsesc, Nu-s v
Un Momento
Inna - Un Momento Şarkı sözü I like the way you are driving your car I like the way you're drinkin beer in the baar You look so sexy, you from were you are? You are like sunshine Electronic, magnetic, sensual No quiero que tu pienses qui esto es normal I'm trying tell you travel to the gala