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A Balladeer

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All I Wanted
A Balladeer - All I Wanted Şarkı Sözü You rave on about a car drive somewhere out in Germany you had dinner near some river like you can't get that with me and it all sounds so familiar I make sure to bite my tongue it's done nothing else but trouble kind of like our song
Copper Shades
A Balladeer - Copper Shades Şarkı sözü the copper shades you wore were very big and green and I was only feather-light above the engine-roar in the smell of gasoline you'd make sure I'd hold on tight and there we'd go with no direction anywhere the wind would blow and
Fortune Teller
A Balladeer - Fortune Teller Şarkı Sözü look at you now in such a rush but one big step behind you need a clue now all blinded by the gypsy of your mind if you give me you hand - I'll do what I can to get you calm by making up the meaning of the lines in your palm look at
A Balladeer - Sirens Şarkı Sözü damn, this is bad - this is so bad I get out of the crash thinking no one survived big eyes from the backseat to my surprise I see all three alive you're losing blood in the grass there on the side of the road in your stripe summer dress the b
A Balladeer - Summer Şarkı Sözü the Benz fans are turned up high land pans before your eyes flashback to father's suntanned thighs hopped on in driver's seat up front with dangling feet chest belt his muscled arm around and the sun goes down the lake wak
Swim With Sam
A Balladeer - Swim With Sam şarkı sözü Sammy says he lost his call On the day Cousteau had died The ocean was a tub of sharks With Jacques Yves as a guide Sammy says the water's safe That man should not have left the seas Called the Human Bathyscaphe He's King of Expertis
A Balladeer - Winterschlafer Şarkı Sözü That was your mark Who I just informed Go back to bed While it's still warm Now one thing you need That is not in this lair Just lay down your arm Your under my care Close those eyes Good night, night to you Go and doze, th