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Slow Yo Roll

Eminem – Slow Yo Roll Şarkı sözü

Pull up ??? truck, throw up, blow up, beat a handicap xxxxx up
Fuck butter I kill the DJ
I dont need you xxxxx I got a instant replay
Lay down xxxxx get butt naked
And xxxx the viagra I’m tryna nut in two seconds
All around the world, xxxx wit different cliques
You aint got no weed get the xxxx out my room bitch

[ Verse 4 ] [ Kuniva ]

I’m calm but I steal on niggaz like I was Clepto
Put that chrome xxxx to ya head like you was Destro
Why stop niggaz, why not pop niggaz, we cop figures
Keep them toast like I hop nigga, we breathe dirt so be alert
Or get them guns on ya chest like a welcome to the hood T-shirt
Let’s go back before throw backs, before I dro sacks
I used to blow gats, bullets’ll find you like a low jack
I’m hopeless, a ferocious dosage of dope shit
A culprit of culture a chaotic comotion
Kuniva will blow xxxx off the map I post it
Knock you off your penny load so xxxx that cold shit

[ Chorus ] [ Eminem ]

[ Verse 5 ] [ Kon Artis ]

I point my fingers to the ground, throw my waist to left of me
To knuckle should ship like a Em upside down and you best be
On your p’s and q’s people we sees to use
No one see’s your views, so now you see’s exclusives
And put it in your little magazine, but you should
Know that was the most desperate thing that you could
Pull out of your crotch you faggots all owe us much
Start doing herion lines for as much as you gossip
Like xxxxxxx with Oscars, ya’ll actresses
45’s make bodies flip like flabby tits
Bullets coming at your doom like a buck up 6th
Now what the xxxx you gonna do to get up out of this shit?
Your record was released 17 years ago you dumb bitch
Do the math, you’ll never have a shady & aftermath ring
And that kind of staff to back that xxx up so back that xxx up
Before we clap that xxx up …

[ Chorus ] [ Eminem ]

[ Outro ] [ Kon Artis ]

Nigga you better ask somebody
These niggaz think they can just put xxxx out on their own, xxxx ’em ..

Eminem – Slow Yo Roll lyrics

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