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Public Enemy #1

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And they gonna say a sniper just appeared out of nowhere
And I’ll go down in the history
As the bloodsucking leech who hid behind the freedom of speech
Tried to take the 5th Amendment, use it, twist it and bend it
And ended up dying to fill out the hero’s (???)
The business way to end this, I can feel the tremors tremendous
In remembrance of September 11th
Flash back to September 7th when 2pac was murdered in Vegas
He said it, he predicted his own death, let us never forget it
Should we ever live to regret it
Like that day John F. Kennedy was assassinated in broad day
By the greatest lunatic with a gun
Who just happened to work on the same block in the library book depository
Where the President would go for a little Friday stroll
Shots fired from the grassy knoll
But they don’t know, or do they
Who’s they, for ’em to say, toucheWe’re all vulnerable and its spook-ay
This is about as kook-ay, as I’ve ever felt now
Count down to nuclear meltdown
You can run, you can do what you want to
But you know you ain’t gonna do nothing
When its time, it’s your time
You are the prime target
You have become Public Enemy # 1

Eminem – Public Enemy #1 lyrics

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