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Here We Go

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Me I’m always shitting diarrhea of the mouth
Till your speakers crap out [fart] “Ohp, What?”
Girl you got a hot butt like a lit cigarette “Chik-Chigarette”
But you won’t get a hot fudge Sundae from me
So do not strut my way, slut! Because..

Here we go go goooooo

And now that I got your panties in a bunch
and your bowels in an uproar
Im’ma show you why I kang xi
Stop asking me what the fuck for
Now look you little slut, cunt, whore know you want more,
bitches tell I put the Mat back into Mathers
Cuz I’m a fucking problem, Run boy!
Every flow got it mastered
So every last word that you fucking fags heard
comes straight from the fishes ass, Yeah
In other words I’m a Bass turd!
Looking at me like I killed Kenny
Gassing the tank near steal plenty
No morals are instilled in me
So remorse I really don’t feel any
Eat your heart out, Hannibal
Understandable why you’re jealous, fucking animal
I got cannibal magnetism, cant resist him now, can ya hoe?
Shady, I don’t understand your flow.
Understand my flow?
Bitch I flow like Troy Palumalu’s hair, boy.
Don’t you dare try to follow or compare, boy.
I’m raw, you ain’t even medium rare
stay the fuck outta my hair, boy!
You can look, you can stare and point
But you can’t touch since you’re queer boy.
I don’t get it man, is there a void
All this weak shit, what am I steroids?
Well bitch I’m back with some shit for that ass
and your trunk, Elephant hemorrhoids

And remember boys
Here we go go goooooo

Thank you for coming out
Hope you enjoyed the show
Till next time



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