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Karanlık Manzaralar

Ceza – Karanlık Manzaralar [feat Kuvvet Mira] Şarkı sözü

That the person you need is here
But no is just the funny guy with the deformities
I”ve never seen it
At least not looking directly at me
So why should I care?
Even the filthies among us deserve the happiness
But why is that justice can never be served in the realm of earth
Scumbags full of money always find what they pure missing
Always searching
I make my love to one”s cried
My ???????????????
But you never understand such complexions that are turning in my hand
Failure! Is the thing I fear the most?
Give us fact that you let down the only ones that trusted me
Believe me thats not maybe
They say If there is a wish, There is a Way
But could be all throw that
Please explain to me
Why you can”t never stop the inner envy that eats my soul alive
Until the day I die!

Ceza – Karanlık Manzaralar [feat Kuvvet Mira] lyrics

Ceza – Karanlık Manzaralar [feat Kuvvet Mira] şarkı sözleri

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