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Blood Of The Innocent

A Band Of Bees – Blood Of The Innocent Şarkı Sözü

Lost without trace indigenous race taken by force and displaced. Sons

of the land true American they made their last stand for survival. Pain

greed and fear manifest destiny is here. Lies hate revenge crimes of the

past are avenged. We’re spreading the blood of the innocent. Loud were

their cries vicious yet wise a people of peace forced to fight fractured and

few the invaders knew against them they would not unite.

[Pre-chorus & chorus]

Promises that were made broken and quickly betrayed on reservations

they’re enslaved a race of resentment and rage. God had a plan this

once savage man has justice poetically made. Temptations of sin that

once did them in now has us the slaves to the Indian

[Pre-chorus & Chorus.]

Blood Of The Innocent
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A Band Of Bees

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